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Cynthia Dougherty Bernal

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Story of Cynthia Dougherty Bernal

Cynthia Dougherty Bernal is a bilingual poet and writer whose professional career started with her first book, Bleeding on the Page: My Soul Exposed. She expanded her writing style by immersing herself in the writing and author world through various groups, pages, and connections in person and online. Cynthia began writing to express her introverted nature, and when the words stuck in her throat they flowed on the page. After taking that first leap into the publishing world in 2016, she has continuously pushed herself to expand and cultivate her writing style. She has since gotten more involved in her hometown with organizations such as Laredo Border Slam Poetry and participated in the Laredo Book Festival. The next step in her journey is underway and new projects will be promoted and revealed here.

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Editor for Hire

Reedsy Editor

I am a published author and freelance editor for the last eight years. I earned my bachelor’s degree in English, and have been a high school English teacher for fifteen years. As a board member of the Laredo Border Slam, I have organized and hosted various writing workshops in the community for aspiring writers and poets. As of September 2022, I am working along with Reedsy as a freelance editor. My specialties include: poetry, short stories, fiction novels, and narrative essays are the foundation of my knowledge and skills.

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Upcoming Release in February 2021

Aisling, the story of Lorelai has been a long time coming. This fiction novel is based in a world where magick and rage mingle, Lorelai is on a path of destruction and she holds no remorse. Will she entrance you or repel you? Lorelai is apathetic to your feelings. Enter the world of pain, misery, rage, and sometimes loyalty if not love in Ireland.

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Notebook and Pen

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau

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Lost amongst the pages...

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